Creating a Culture of Losing is Bad for the Chicago Cubs

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The 2013 version of the Chicago Cubs are going to be bad. If losing over 100 games last season wasn’t bad enough, the Cubs failed to address many concerns this offseason. They failed to sign one impact player and continue to fill their roster with mediocre-to-below-average players. For an organization that is a big market team, the Cubs act like the Kansas City Royals. It is becoming quite frustrating for us intelligent and non-sheeplike Cubs fans.

My biggest issue with the Cubs is the current culture of losing they’re creating. When a team loses 101 games, its goal should be to not ever lose 100 games again. Instead, the Cubs keep pointing fans to the 2014 season as the beginning of the turnaround. While I certainly understand there’s a right way to do things, playing bad baseball creates bad habits. The core of the team like Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo are going to learn bad habits because losing becomes a Way of Life (love team slogans). While there were few moves the Cubs could have made to win this season, they should have tried to make this a better team. Quite honestly, this team projects to be as bad as 2012 as far as I’m concern. They may win a few more games, but nothing that shows progress.

When the Cubs hired Theo Epstein, he promised to build this thing from the ground on up. So far, while the Cubs supposedly have some talent in the minor leagues, I am not holding my breath. I’ve seen enough prospects fail (especially with the Cubs). Even Rizzo still has plenty to prove. Instead of Cubs fans recognizing this, they’re excited about his .285 average and 15 HRs. While it shows promise, he’s not in the same conversation as Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. And I’ll tell you a little secret, he will never be that good. It doesn’t mean he cannot be a really solid MLB player, but I am not holding my breath on him being elite. And frankly, the fact the San Diego Padres would take Andrew Cashner for him still has to raise concerns. The Padres have the same information on Rizzo as the rest of baseball.

Even if Castro continues to be Castro, Rizzo improves and the Cubs starting rotation is better, there are MAJOR holes on this team. The bullpen isn’t very good and the Cubs outfield is a disgrace to the modern era of baseball. While Alfonso Soriano had a solid offensive season last year, his defense is terrible. David DeJesus and Nate Schierholtz suck at baseball. Brett Jackson enjoys striking out. It’s going to be painful.

It would be nice for the Cubs to prove me wrong, but that isn’t going to happen folks. This season is going to suck. And the culture of losing continues…

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