Is there Anything to Robin Ventura Rejecting White Sox Extension Offer?

Robin Ventura Chicago White Sox
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox made one of baseball’s best moves last season when they decided to get rid of Ozzie Guillen and hire former third baseman Robin Ventura to take over the squad. If it weren’t for a monumental collapse in September last season, Ventura would have led the Pale Hos to the playoffs.

In response to Ventura only being signed through next season, the brass on the South Side offered him an extra year on his contract. Ventura rejected the offer and will fulfill the terms of his current deal. Let the speculation begin…

In my Chicago Cubs fan opinion, Ventura is playing this very well. If he’s as good of a manager as he proved last season, his skills will be in demand in two seasons. In addition to Ventura being a West Coast guy, it’s important to keep all of his options open. It doesn’t mean he won’t return to US Cellular Field, but it means he will stick with his current contract.

On the other hand, considering that many experts felt that the White Sox overachieved last season, Ventura is taking a huge gamble with his future. The extra year of the contract means he has some decent security for at least one more season. If the team struggles, the temptation to fire Ventura will be protected by his contract.

I used to respect Tommy Lasorda‘s stance on his contract. He would only sign one-year contracts. That way, the team or Lasorda could part ways at the end of the season. And it worked out quite well for both parties.

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