Toronto Blue Jays Prospects Vote For Their Breakout Player Of 2013

By Clayton Richer
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays had one of the deepest and promising farm systems in all of baseball last year. The Jays boasted blue chippers like Travis D’Arnaud, Adeiny Hechavarria, Jake Marisnick, Justin Nicolino and Noah Syndergaard among others at the conclusion of the disappointing 2012 season.

That was before Blue Jays Management were able to swing two franchise altering deals that transformed the Blue Jays into instant contenders and a legitimate threat to bring a World Series back to Canada.

Although the Blue Jays farm system rankings have slipped there is still a plethora of talent poised to pick up the slack from the departed blue chippers.

The likes of Aaron Sanchez, Roberto Osuna, Daniel Norris, Marcus Stroman, DJ Davis, Anthony Alford, Dwight Smith Jr and Kevin Pillar are on the cusp of being household names.

However. I figured rather than quote industry experts on their top prospect rankings, I would ask the Blue Jays minor league players ” what player they feel is going to breakout in 2013 and here are the results:

Daniel Norris takes Canadian pitcher Tom Robson.

Kevin Pillar takes pitcher Andy Burns.

Drew Permison gives his vote to Jesse Hernandez.

Justin Atkinson selects prospect Dwight Smith Jr.

Dalton Pompey takes Jacob Anderson.

Sean Nolin takes promising lefty Daniel Norris.

Michael Crouse initially chose himself and then tabbed Dalton Pompey.

Tucker Jensen chose both Daniel Norris and Jacob Anderson.

Jonathon Berti has confidence in Jack Murphy.

Jack Murphy feels Canadian Marcus Knecht is bound for a breakout season.

Marcus Stroman took his man Aaron Sanchez.

Dayton Marze wished all the prospects luck but said he expects big things from Kevin Nolan who was injured half of last season.

Roberto Osuna selected his friend Alberto Tirado.

Aaron Sanchez chose his man, Marcus Stroman.

Ian Kadish selected Kevin Pillar.

Art Charles has faith in Jonathan Jones.

Marcus Knecht selected Art Charles.

Gabe Jacobo stated Marcus Knecht has the tools to do it big.

Jesse Hernandez chose both Drew Permison and Aaron Sanchez.

Jonathan Jones is a big fan of Jonathon Berti.

Johnny Anderson advised that Daniel Norris is pretty good.

So there you have it the boys of summer have spoken with 18 different prospects being awarded Breakout Prospect of 2013 by their peers. Highly touted pitcher Daniel Norris garnered three votes, Aaron Sanchez, Jacob Anderson and Marcus Knecht each got the nod twice as players on the verge of greatness.

Whether it’s on the farm or in the show the Blue Jays are positioned for success.

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