Loving That Jim Leyland Enjoys the Detroit Tigers Being a Target

By justingawel
Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers’ skipper Jim Leyland stated that he loves being a target because it means that the Tigers are a good team. Now, baseball is clearly not “the most dangerous game”, so I’ll agree with him that it feel good to be the hunted.

It’s the difference between being at spring training with the Tigers versus being at spring training with, oh say, the Kansas City Royals. The Tigers are expected to repeat as American League Central Division champs, while the Royals have expectations to play about .440 baseball, expected to have some fun promotional nights, and to hopefully not sustain too many injuries this year. A team like the Royals is simply treading water—they’re not ready to make a run at anything and are biding their time, trying out prospects, and perpetually disappointing the barbecue-sauce-infused hearts of Western Missouri.

I love contributing to the media storm that’s been gushing about how good the Tigers are going to be this year. Having a manager who is excited about taking every team’s best shot is fantastic. Being the bully in the AL Central is, in a word, awesome. Plus, the Tigers aren’t your typical bully who just uses smashing the glasses, lunches, and science experiments of nerds to mask their own unresolved issues with their depression and sexuality, no, the Tigers are just the bully who can dominate you in every facet of the game day in and day out.

Having a manager with this attitude is perfect for this season. The Tigers have to be ready to take every team’s best shot and be able to come out on top.

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