Smart Move to Hold Brennan Boesch Out of Practice

By justingawel
Brennan Boesch Detroit Tigers
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers left fielder Brennan Boesch didn’t practice today after tweaking his oblique muscle while taking a practice swing.

People aren’t too worried about it, but, obviously, we don’t want to take any chances of aggravating Boesch’s potential injury through practicing.

There’s no pressure to perform right now—it’s Feb. 17 and the Tigers haven’t even been practicing for a week yet. We’re not in the midst of a playoff push and having to try to win with an injured team, no, we’re just warming up.

Boesch missing practice today is the equivalent of calling in sick because you think you’re neighbor might be planning on stabbing you when you step outside of your apartment because you’re building decided, for some reason, to enter a tontine for $200 last week. Plus, all you were missing at work was an all-day seminar on sexual harassment in the workplace that you were just going to sleep through anyways. Like with Boesch, it’s not worth the risk of sustaining a serious injury by reporting for duty.

Being able to compete effectively needs to be a huge priority for Boesch at this point. Unlike last year, when he played in 132 games, he’s competing for playing time in left field now with Andy Dirks and Quintin Berry. With the Tigers’ revamped lineup, everyday players from last year are inevitably going to lose playing time.

I’m no doctor, but I’m sure the oblique muscle is integral when it comes to hitting baseballs hard. Rest comes cheap right now and the Tigers and Boesch are smart to not risk any further injury by holding him out of practice today.

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