Toronto Blue Jays Adam Lind Needs To Let His Bat Do The Talking

By Clayton Richer
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

One of the few question marks in the Toronto Blue Jays revamped line-up is the inconsistent designated hitter Adam Lind.

Lind is entering his eighth major league season in a career which has had its shares of ups and downs. The pinnacle of Lind’s success came in 2009, when he smashed 35 home runs on his way to a Silver Slugger Award.

However, since his breakout season, Lind has struggled with consistency and was demoted last season after a slow first half. Lind’s conditioning and fitness level have also been questioned due to his performance, and nagging injuries during the rigors of the long season.

Lind may have bought himself a little more time with Blue Jays management with a decent stint in Triple A and promising second half last season. Lind is the Blue Jays wild card much like Ricky Romero this season, as both have performed at an elite level in the past.

Lind has vocally been critical of former Blue Jays Manager John Farrell and the coaching staff, indicating Farrell wanted him to be more selective and disciplined at the plate. However, Blue Jays’ former hitting instructor Dwayne Murphy is renowned for preaching aggressiveness and attacking the zone.

Lind was recently quoted in a piece by Blue Jays MLB writer Gregor Chisholm as saying:

“It makes it tough because [Farrell] was from Boston where they were very selective and things like that, coming up through this organization it wasn’t something we preached or taught at the lower levels. That’s what he wanted to see and then to have a hitting coach like Murph, who’s an aggressive type hitting coach, sometimes you get a little confused on who you want to please.”

Regardless of past managers and previous track records the time is now for Adam Lind to let his bat do the talking or he may find himself sporting a new jersey before mid-season.

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