Boston Red Sox Pitcher Alfredo Aceves’ Attitude is Hurting Him

By David Miller
alfredo aceves red sox
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, then-Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine had a blow-up with his pitcher Alfredo Aceves. The result was a remainder of the season where Aceves basically mailed it in. His effort was lacking and by all accounts, his attitude stunk. Now, with the Red Sox new manager focusing on team chemistry and fitting the team together, Aceves’ attitude is once again blowing up in his own face.

The team was doing live batting practice. This is where the pitchers really begin to amp up their pitching for the first time. Aceves apparently knew what he was supposed to be doing but instead was lobbing the baseball up with little or no effort.

The staff thought at first he didn’t know what was going, but he did. Then they worried about a possible injury, but the pitcher was just fine. What was the problem? Who knows for sure, but it certainly looks like he’s still mailing it in as far as the effort goes.

This could be a real problem for the Red Sox. The whole point this spring is to meld the guys together as a unit. A pitcher that has an attitude towards the new coaching staff can have a negative effect not only upon his career, but the performance of the entire team.

The word after this incident was that the problem had been dealt with. We can only guess what that means, but I’ll say this: The Red Sox would be better off randomly choosing a pitcher from their system to fill Aceves’ spot than to put up with a problematic personality all season long. Cut and run boys.

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