Can Matt Garza Help the Chicago Cubs in 2013?

By Stephanie Lynn
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Chicago Cubs are in desperate need of strong starting pitchers, but can they rely on veteran Matt Garza?

Garza was a mediocre pitcher with Chicago in 2012 with a 5-7 record and a 3.91 ERA, but elbow problems forced the 29-year-old to end his season in July.

After an offseason of rest, Garza claims he is ready to pitch again. “I feel great, and I feel I’m in a great state of mind, great shape, and I’m glad to be back on the mound,” he said as the Cubs opened camp for Spring Training last week.

Garza was a popular name on the trade market last summer, but teams immediately lost interest when the right-hander’s season ended early due to problems with his elbow.

The Cubs could easily benefit from trading Garza for a stronger pitcher or another power hitter, both areas the Cubs lack.

Sure, Garza said he felt great as he began throwing this past week as pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training, but how long will that last? What happens if he re-injures his arm during the season? The Cubs can’t afford to lose what little pitching they have; they need someone who has the potential for a solid start every time he takes the field.

Think about it: Garza will make $10.25 million with the Cubs in 2013 after sitting on the bench for the second half of 2012. Is he really worth that kind of money? Can he help the Cubs win games each time he takes the mound? Probably not.

On the flip side, if Garza stays healthy this season, he could be a great player to trade for someone who could help this struggling team win some games.

With that being said, the Cubs desperately need to win some games and realistically, Matt Garza isn’t going to help the situation.

It’s time to invest in some healthy and reliable pitchers if this team wants a prayer of having a decent season.

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