Chicago Cubs Fans: Do We Really Want to Win the World Series?

By Reid Lester
Chicago Cubs Logo Contest Wrigley Field
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

At first this may sound like a ridiculous question, but I wonder, what would happen if the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in more than 100 years?   Cubs fans are a different breed.  We aren’t like New York Yankee fans who get a World Series every other year, or Boston Red Sox fans who went though a “slight drought.”  We are a special fraternity built on hope and the belief next year will be our year… but if next year really were our year, what would we believe in, what would we hope for?

If the Cubs win a World Series it won’t be special to be a fan anymore.  We would come out of our place in history as the “lovable losers” and fall into the same category as every other fan.  We would no longer be able to pass from generation to generation the idea that maybe in your lifetime you will see the end of our torment.  You could be the generation that gets to rejoice as World Series Champions.  That dream for our next generation is part of the uniqueness of being a Cubs fan.  Baseball is all about history, and we have a unique connection, because none of us have ever seen a championship.

Two years ago we took my one-year-old nephew to his first Cubs game.  He was dressed in his little Cubs jersey and hat.  After he went down to the field to get a closer look at the players, an elderly Cubs fan looked at him and told his grandparents that raising him as a Cubs fan was a “cruel and unusual punishment.”  The response by my nephew’s grandmother was surprising to me.  The elderly fan was reminded it is an honorable thing to be raised as a Cubs fan.  It teaches you to be an eternal optimist.

The Cubs front office doesn’t pay for the best talent.  The Cubs didn’t offer the manager job to Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg.  Maybe they already know what the rest of us don’t want to admit.  If the Chicago Cubs were to finally get over the curse and win the World Series what would be left for us to dream about?  Do we really want to give up our legacy of hope and forever change what it means to be a Cubs fan?

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