Chicago Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts Needs To Leave Wrigley Field Alone

By Korey Beckett
Tom Ricketts Chicago Cubs
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

For 99 years, the Chicago Cubs have called Wrigley Field home, but it’s starting to feel like just another ballpark thanks to Chairman Tom Ricketts. Currently, Ricketts and his family of co-owners are awaiting approval for “renovations” to the landmark that will help increase his revenue. But that’s about it, it’s not for improvements, it’s just to line their pockets with more money from an already bloated cash cow franchise.

“The mayor’s office has been very helpful, but [the renovation OK] is still in progress right now,” Ricketts said on Sunday about ballpark. What are these improvements that are supposed to be coming to the Wrigleyville area? Well, for starters, the Cubs would play half of their home schedule under the lights. The only good thing out of that would be the lessened amount of sick days taken from businessmen in North Chicago.

He also wants to remove some of the signage restrictions that surround the park. You see that huge Toyota eyesore in the picture behind the left field wall? Expect more of those around the entire park, with some of them possibly blocking out the view from the rooftops on Sheffield and Waveland. He also wants to crackdown on the street vendors selling unlicensed Cubs merchandise outside of the stadium, unless of course, he and his siblings can get a piece of the action.

So I have to ask, please just stop with these “improvements.” It’s starting to get ridiculous. It’s not like the Cubs were in dire straits financially before the turn of the century. They were doing just fine without the atrocious Toyota sign, without the party deck in right field (the bleachers were already a party!) and without the God awful Under Armour signs on the outfield batting cage doors.

It may seem hypocritical since I was the one that said Notre Dame needed to add video boards to update the stadium, but this is much different. The only advertisement you see inside of Notre Dame Stadium is an NBC Sports logo tucked away to the side of the tiny scoreboards. They aren’t replacing the diagonal stripes in the end zones with State Farm ads anytime soon, so the Cubs should follow suit and just leave great enough alone.

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