Is There Room For Brett Jackson on the Chicago Cubs 2013 Roster?

By Stephanie Lynn
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

Brett Jackson was considered one of the top 100 prospects when the Chicago Cubs drafted him in 2009, but his current stats prove otherwise. In his MLB debut with the Cubs last season, the 23-year-old righty struck out 59 times in 120 at bats.

Not exactly what you’d expect from a first round draft pick.

But don’t fret, Cubs fans. Jackson spent time improving his swing during the off-season with manager Dale Sveum, who saw improvements in Jackson’s batting technique over the winter, and has high hopes that the rookie is poised for success at the plate.

“If you watch swings from last year, you know my back elbow was getting really high and causing kind of like a teetering effect and making me slightly late on everything,” Jackson said of his batting woes from 2012.

While his batting needs some work, there’s no doubt that Jackson would be a valuable asset to the Cubs outfield.

Jackson made the highlight reels last September when he threw himself into the outfield wall during a game at PNC Park to rob Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen of a home run.

“I’ll go through a wall for the team,” he said afterwards.

As for his struggles at the plate, Sveum hopes Jackson will mature a bit as a hitter during Spring Training. “[I want] him to become more of a winning player and not a hit-seeker,” Sveum said of the rookie.

Will Jackson be able to come through during a game with a clutch hit?

Let’s hope the Cubs give him a chance to find his swing again this season.


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