The Avisail Garcia Predicament For The Detroit Tigers

By justingawel
Avisail Garcia Detroit Tigers
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

He’s 21, he’s six-four, and he’s very Venezuelan. On first glance, Detroit Tigers right fielder Avisail Garcia looks like a prime candidate to be a bodyguard in his homeland for a high-ranking government official, a revolutionary, or a drug lord—frankly, it’s anyone’s guess who’s who in that wacky country anymore.

Having a deep team is great, but the downside is that players like Garcia aren’t going to see playing time, unless someone is injured or starts to perform horribly. Since Brandon Inge, Ryan Raburn, and Bobby Higginson are no longer on the Tigers this season, I am not wishing any horrific accidents involving open manhole covers, comical, literal pitfalls into sewage, and complications resulting from infections upon anyone this year. Keep those manholes closed, Detroit!

Wow, there really needs to be a better way to phrase that last sentiment.

Anyways, I know we’ve only seen a little bit of Garcia so far, but, unlike the previews for A Good Day to Die Hard, 21 and Over, and Bullet to the Head, the preview I’ve seen of Garcia have not made me want to vomit with rage.

Garcia has been quite the opposite of that, in fact. After being called up at the very end of August last year, he was able to hit .319 in twenty-three games down the stretch as the Tigers played a month high-pressure games during their final playoff push. Not bad for a first stint in the MLB.

I know Garcia is behind Torii Hunter and, possibly, Brennan Boesch for the right field position at the moment. However, he’s far younger than both of them and will have his time to shine—hopefully, the Tigers will hold on to him and let him develop so he can be putting up big numbers in four years for our team, instead of another.

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