The Pittsburgh Pirates Extension of Clint Hurdle a Questionable Move

By Darren Pare
Clint Hurdle Pittsburgh Pirates
Charles LeClaire-US Presswire

On Monday, Feb. 18 the Pittsburgh Pirates extended the contract of manager Clint Hurdle through the 2014 season, with an option for 2015. This move may give the club some stability, but it could be a big mistake.

The first two seasons of Hurdle’s reign have had good and bad points. The Pirates have been in contention the first half of the season, but faltered down the stretch and wound up under .500.  For a franchise that hasn’t had a winning record in 20 years is that enough?

Management should have waited until the 2013 season was over and then make a decision on an extension. If the Pirates come out and do the exact same thing this year isn’t it pretty apparent that Hurdle isn’t the leader to get them to the next level.

Hurdle seems like a nice guy and he knows the game well, but maybe he just isn’t the right man in Pittsburgh. There has to be a reason why this club stumbled down the stretch both years he has been at the helm. The first time it happened it was acceptable because at least it was the step forward from the previous season. The second time it happened it became a problem for it was a lateral step, if not a backwards one.

The Pirates have some talent on their roster and the time is now for this team to make a move in the standings. There was no reason to extend Hurdle before he proved he was the right man for the job, which so far he hasn’t. It is just another bad move by a franchise that has been known for them for two decades.


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