David Wright Deserves The Captain's "C"

By Bryan Zarpentine
Don McPeak – USATODAY Sports

New York Mets manager Terry Collins has said that he plans to approach the Mets front office and ownership about placing the captain’s “C” on David Wright’s jersey and making him the official captain of the Mets.  It’s a move that’s been pondered by the organization for some time, but there’s never been any urgency to make it happen.  But Collins is right to push for it; Wright certainly deserves it, and now seems like the right time to make it happen.

The “C” on Wright’s jersey would be more symbolic than anything else, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have.  There’s no disputing that Wright is the captain of the Mets, and has been for quite some time.  He’s been with the team longer than anybody else, and he is a team leader, both with his actions and with his words.  Wright garners the respect of his teammates, who already view him as the de facto captain of the team.  While official captains in baseball are rare, it is in no way disrespectful to the game to anoint someone with that label; and if there’s anyone in baseball that deserves the captaincy, on the Mets or any other team, it’s Wright.

With the long-term contract that Wright signed in the offseason, which will likely keep him in New York for the remainder of his career, the time is right to officially give Wright the captain’s “C”.  He has long since been the face of the franchise, and will continue to be for the duration of his career and long after his playing days are over.  Wright has become synonymous with the Mets, often acting as the team’s ambassador to the rest of the baseball world.  He has never done anything to bring shame or embarrassment to the organization, and there is nothing in his past that would indicate that he ever would.

While there is no reason why the Mets have to do this, there also isn’t a reason why they shouldn’t do this.  Wright deserves to wear the “C” on his jersey; Collins is right to want to give it to him; and so there is no reason why the front and office ownership shouldn’t go along with it, and make Wright the official captain of the Mets by opening day.


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