Robinson Cano Needs To Steer Clear Of Alex Rodriguez Drama

By Eduardo Guerrero
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that this upcoming 2013 season is the biggest in the career of four-time All-Star Robinson Cano.   The New York Yankees second baseman is entering the final year of his contract at age 30, putting him in line for a huge extension or deal with another club after the season.  He is also entering a season in which his individual success could determine the fate of the Yankees 2013 season.  With all that on his plate, the last thing Cano needs is any sort of controversy.  So with that said, he should do his best to stay away from the Alex Rodriguez PED drama.

Yesterday, Cano was quoted as saying that despite the problems Rodriguez and his best friend, Melky Cabrera of the Toronto Blue Jays,  have had with their names being linked to Anthony Bosch and a Miami PED clinic, he still stands behind them.  “They are still my friends.  You have to be with your friends in the good times and the bad times,” said Cano.  He did go onto say that he had no comment in relations to the PED allegations Cabrera and Rodriguez are currently going thru.  Hopefully, it is the last time this season Cano talks about the two in relation to the issue.

The last thing Cano needs this season is to get caught up in any bad news especially with this being his contract year and his importance to the Yankees this season.  The media, especially the New York tabloids, can tear a player apart and make him lose his focus.  As we’ve seen with Rodriguez, anyone connected to him seems to get swept up in his drama and their own problems develop.  Just last season, a false rumor was started by a reporter in Charlotte linking Cano to PEDs, even to the point that the reporter said an announcement from Major League Baseball was forthcoming on a suspension.  The report was proven to be false.  However, the way the media works, his support for Rodriguez and Cabrera could lead to a witch hunt from some media outlets to see if there is any truth behind any Cano PED rumor.

For his sake, and the Yankees as well, it would be wise for Cano to give the usual “No comment” answer to anything involving Rodriguez and keep his focus on the upcoming 2013 season.

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