The Toronto Blue Jays Have Added Some Dominican Republic Flair

By Clayton Richer
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays may have to change their name to the Dominican Republic Blue Jays as the 2013 team is dominated by a cluster of talented Dominican born players.

The Blue Jays batting order 1 through 4 will be represented by Team Dominican in newly acquired speedster Jose Reyes, followed by Melky Cabrera, home run king and franchise player Jose Bautista and slugger Edwin Encarnacion.

The line-up could have as many as six Dominican natives playing at once if Emilio Bonifacio and Moises Sierra are slotted in the starting line-up.

As far as pitchers go the only Dominican pitcher who may be on the roster when the team breaks north is newly acquired reliever Esmil Rogers.

The Dominican dominance reminds me of the Blue Jays of yesteryear when the Blue Jays were adored in the Dominican Republic because of the likes of George Bell, Alfredo Griffin, Damaso Garcia and defensive wizard Tony Fernandez.

The Dominican Republic is renowned for producing talented ball players dating back to 1956 when Ozzie Virgil Sr. debuted for the New York Giants making history as the first Dominican born player to play in the major leagues.

Besides an enormous amount of talent the Blue Jays Dominican posse will bring some fun loving swagger and much needed team chemistry to the fold.

Who knows you may even find me waving a Dominican Republic flag doing the Merengue dance on top the Blue Jays dugout after a few too many overpriced Canadian beverages this summer. Now that is what I call swagger.

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