Washington Nationals' Gio Gonzalez Did Not Take Banned Substances

By Bryan Lutz
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

The BioGenesis list has taken over the sports world in the past month. The last list that had so many implications if your name was attached to it was before this one was being blacklisted at Hop Sings. There have been two names that have been in the center of it all, while others have flown under the radar.

The two most prominent names have obviously been Milwaukee Brewers leftfielder Ryan Braun and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Considering this wasn’t the first time we heard their names linked to steroids, it really came as no surprise when they were linked to Boesch and BioGenesis. The one name that surprised me the most, though, was Gio Gonzalez, especially since he had such a huge year for the Washington Nationals. However, it appears he has been exonerated:

This has to be a huge relief to Nationals fans. Gonzalez, not Stephen Strasburg, was Washington’s best pitcher in 2012, carrying them all the way to an NL East title. If it was proven that Gonzalez used PEDs, many folks–including myself–would have felt a little uneasy about picking the Nationals to win the East again in 2013. But all that doubt is gone now.

Gonzalez’s name is the first to be cleared from the BioGenesis list, so there are a lot of things to be learned about the whole ordeal. I’m just glad Gio and the Nationals can go forward from this point on.

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