Washington Nationals' Ross Detwiler to Pitch for Team USA in World Baseball Classic

By Phil Naegely
Ross Detwiler
Ross Detwiler will pitch for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Photo by Brad Mills- USA TODAY Sports

Washington Nationals pitcher Ross Detwiler will pitch for Team USA in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. He will be the third Nationals player to participate in the World Baseball Classic this season. Gio Gonzalez will join Team USA if they advance to the second round, and outfielder Roger Bernadina will be playing for Netherlands.

The Worlds Baseball Classic begins on Saturday, March 2.

Detwiler is ecstatic to be back representing Team USA.

“The little kid in me wanted to say, ‘Yes,’ right away without thinking it through,” Detwiler said of receiving the invitation and discussing it with the Nationals’ brass. “But I came in, we all thought it through, and it was still a yes, so I’m happy about that.”

He still remembers his time with Team USA during the 2006 World University Baseball Classic that took place in Cuba. Team USA won the championship that year.

“It was amazing and we actually won the championship,” Detwiler said. “I have the ring on my nightstand, so I see it every night when I’m at home. It’s amazing, somebody asking you to represent your country playing baseball.”

Detwiler is also glad that Gonzalez will potentially be joining Team USA on March 7.

“It’s great,” Detwiler said of having Gonzalez along with him. “It kinda calms you a little bit. We’ll be in untested waters. Having somebody there that I was with all year last year is gonna kinda calm me down a little bit, and it’s gonna make it seem like a regular start.”

The Washington Nationals general manager was pleased and honored for his pitchers representing Team USA.

“We feel it’s our duty and obligation to put the best team forward that we can for Team USA,” Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said. “We’re honored that they want two of our starting pitchers to pitch for Team USA, and we’re flattered about it. I know Ross is really fired up for it and he wanted to do it. We’ll work around that schedule and we’ll make sure he’s prepared for our Major League season.”

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