Here’s to the Next Ten Years, Justin Verlander

By justingawel
Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers
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Like a werewolf bar mitzvah, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander’s ability is both spooky and scary. And, like a bar mitzvah, werewolf or otherwise, just when you think you have it all figured out, you’ll get thrown a curve that leaves you standing there, either in the batter’s box or the dance floor, with a baffled look on your face before you make the embarrassing trudge of shame back to your seat.

Verlander turned 30 today and when asked what he saw himself doing in 10 years he replied, “Hopefully the same thing I’m doing now.” Now that notion alone is enough to give the rest of the AL Central some R.L. Stine-quality goose bumps.

It’s not that outlandish to think that we could still be watching JV take the field for the 2023 Detroit Tigers. Namely, Verlander has made a name for himself as a stamina pitcher: a guy who knows his body and conditions himself to still be able to touch triple digits in the ninth inning of games. Since 2008, no one in the MLB has thrown more pitches than Verlander, yet he has never missed significant time because of injuries sustained from overworking.

He’s the best pitcher in baseball and we are continuing to debate if he has reached his peak yet—truly, we are spoiled in Detroit to be able to watch him pitch every five games.

Happy birthday, Mr. Verlander, here’s to 10 more amazing seasons and you further cementing yourself as one of the best to ever play the game.


Justin Gawel is a nap enthusiast who mainly writes for Rant Sports about the Detroit Tigers. Follow him on Google+ for all of his article postings.

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