Miami Marlins Off-season Gets Worse With Giancarlo Stanton Incident

By Ben Grimaldi
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins had a fire sale so bad this off-season that if it were a house, the fire department would only have been able to save one thing from the fire. For the Marlins, the only thing that was salvaged was star outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s talent. Stanton was left behind in all the movement from the team and today he got his reward for staying on a hopeless franchise.

In an intrasquad match-up for spring training, Stanton took a fastball to the head by prized prospect Jose Fernandez. And the hits just keep on coming for Marlins fans, just not the kind of hits they need. Luckily for Stanton, he didn’t appear to have a concussion but he did get taken for x-rays.

”I wasn’t dizzy,” he said. ”I saw a little grayness and fuzziness on the outside of my eyes, but it’s subsiding now.”

Is it possible for things to get any worse for the Stanton? He’s been left on an island of a sinking ship called the Miami Marlins and now his own teammate throws at his head. Stanton didn’t take the incident too seriously and he even told the young pitcher he was “OK,” and that “It’s baseball, it happens.”

It was probably the scariest moment in the off-season for the Marlins and that’s despite the wrath from their fans for trading off most of their best players just a year after getting their new stadium built.

Let’s hope that Stanton shows no ill affects fine from the incident and will give Miami Marlins fans at least one thing to cheer about this season.

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