MLB Rumors: Philadelphia Phillies In Hot Pursuit Of Miami Marlins Star Giancarlo Stanton?

By Thom Tsang
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With an outfield trio of Domonic Brown, Ben Revere, and a Delmon Young that probably won’t be ready to start on Opening Day, the Philadelphia Phillies‘ outfield doesn’t exactly resemble a group that will challenge that of their NL East divisional rivals.

Giancarlo Stanton could change that.

That’s something that the team is eminently aware of (as is the rest of the league), and the Phillies may be trying to call up the Miami Marlins to try and do something about it:

The Marlins, of course, have been holding true to their word that they are not discussing moving Stanton, but if the Phillies could somehow get them to change their mind, the impact that Stanton would have on their chances to contend may be greater than what it would be for most other teams.

Aside from the 30+ home runs that Stanton would represent over Brown (even if he hits double digits) in the outfield, Stanton will give the the team an immediate stabilizing force in the middle of the order, which is currently projected to include both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard – neither of whom played a full season in 2012.

Stanton could be an answer to the team’s biggest question mark – its health – and give a rapidly aging core of fielders a new centerpiece to build around in the future.

Having those future pieces to make a Stanton trade happen though, is another story.

Between the trades that brought Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay to Philadelphia, the Phillies have seriously depleted the depth of their farm system, and do not currently have the type of marquee prospects that they once had to realistically make that deal happen – not when Stanton is just 23, and is under team control through 2016.

That won’t stop the Phillies from trying to dangle MLB-ready pieces like former can’t-miss prospect Brown, Darin Ruf, and Phillipe Aumont, along with what prospects that have. But, given that Stanton isn’t going to cost Jeffery Loria too much money out of his pocket for the time being, it’s unlikely that the Marlins, as poorly run as they may be, will be listening this time.

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