Never A Dull Moment In Miami Marlins Camp

By Ryan Gaydos
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At this point you cannot really get worse than what the Miami Marlins front office pulled this offseason and what the team is made up of this season. The Marlins signed journeyman first baseman Casey Kotchman last week to a minor league, which included a spring training invitation. I bet Marlins’ manager Mike Redmond would not have expected what happened in one of Kotchman’s first days in Marlins camp.

During a drill Monday, Kotchman accidentally ran into a pitching machine that was tossing infield flies. As the first baseman was running into it, he tried to catch the machine instead of letting it hit the ground. This resulted into Kotchman receiving a gash on his left index finger that required four stitches.

Teammate Greg Dobbs said that Kotchman should have let the machine fall to the ground. To that, Kotchman said:

“I’m trying to be a gentleman to the machine, and not throw it down to the ground.”

Why does it seem that when the Marlins try to put together a team after a fire sale it ends up being a scene from the movie Major League? Miami is long ways away from fielding any kind of respectable team in the field and if shenanigans like this goes on in camp, the next thing you know someone is going to get injured trying to hop over the first or third base foul lines.

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