New York Mets First Baseman Ike Davis Needs To Break Out

By Bryan Zarpentine
Anthony Gruppuso – USATODAY Sports

The first few years in the major league career of New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis haven’t gone as expected.  By now, five years after the Mets drafted him in the first round out of Arizona State, Davis should be a far more established player than he is, perhaps even on the verge of becoming a genuine star; however, Davis is far from that status, despite having the talent and potential necessary.  Now that it’s 2013, the time has come for Davis to heave a breakout season and assert himself as one of the best first baseman in the National League.

Davis isn’t entirely to blame for his struggles.  He broke into the big leagues early in the 2010 season out of necessity after limited exposure to the upper levels of the minor leagues, and managed to give a great accounting of himself at a young age, hitting 19 homeruns and driving in 71 while batting .264.  Even with a lack of power, Davis had a promising start to the 2011 season before suffering a freak ankle injury during a collision with David Wright on an infield pop up that cost him the rest of the 2011 season, after just 36 games.  In 2012, Davis dealt with the residual effects of his ankle injury, as well as a bout of valley fever that depleted his energy level.  As a result, Davis struggled immensely throughout the first half the season, and despite finishing the season with a team-high 32 homeruns, his 2012 season should be considered a disappointment.

But in 2013, Davis has a chance to put all of that behind him.  He is seemingly recovered from all that has held him back over the past two seasons, and is as healthy as he’s been since getting to the big leagues.  He also has two years of major league experience under his belt, not to mention the motivation that comes from struggling so much due to injury and losing so much due to being on the Mets.  The opportunity is certainly there for Davis to have a breakout season in 2013, it’s just up to him to go out there and make it happen, and he’d really be doing the Mets a favor if he could.

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