The Minnesota Twins and Eric Young Jr. Seem Like a Great Fit

By Brian Wille
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

While scouring around the internet looking at the spring training stories for many of the Major League organizations, I stumbled upon an interesting notion coming out of Colorado. The Colorado Rockies are looking for pitching options to help fill in a mediocre pitching staff from last season. Does that sound familiar?

The Minnesota Twins have a plethora of arms—whether they are any good or not remains to be seen—that could be of interest to the Rockies for a minimal price. One area of question for the Twins is their middle infield and who will solidify themselves as the second basemen and shortstop.

As it so happens, the Rockies have a young second baseman—no pun intended—by the name of Eric Young Jr. who is currently relegated to a platoon and bench role. What Young has to offer is speed, defense and energy to an organization and is still relatively young—again, no pun intended—at the age of 27. With the Twins possessing a lot of arms and the Rockies looking for pitching, it seems like a match made in heaven for these two teams to spark up some discussion.

Young is a career .266 hitter with 5 HR, 34 RBI and 62 steals in 256 games over four seasons with the Rockies. More importantly to look at is Young’s stats from last season, when he hit .316 with 4 HR, 15 RBI and 14 steals over 98 ballgames.

What Young lacks is an opportunity to play every day and be able to play in an organization that will turn him loose and allow him to use his speed to wreak havoc on opposing teams on the basepaths. The Twins have not been known as an organization that is is aggressive on the basepaths, but with a lineup that looks like it may struggle to score runs, their philosophy may have to change.

Being relegated to a bench role on a team that has struggled over the past few seasons would pose the question as to whether or not Young could be acquired at a reasonable price and I believe the answer to that is yes. If the Twins were to approach the Rockies with a potential offer of Cole DeVries, Samuel Deduno or Brian Duensing, Colorado may be interested. The inclusion of Duensing may be a bit much for the chance the Twins are taking with Young, but I believe he is a typical player who has the tools to be successful, yet hasn’t had a chance to prove themselves in this league on a consistent basis.

Whether or not this move would make the Twins a better ball club this season or in the future remains to be seen, but for an organization looking to acquire high upside talent at a low cost, Young seems to fit the mold. At a minimum, he could rid the Twins of a logjam of mediocre pitchers, while acquiring a potential starter in need of a change in scenery.

The Twins may be reluctant to acquire a second basemen with Eddie Rosario—their talented and heir apparent second basemen in the minors—getting closer to being major league ready, but I believe the Young acquisition would give them more options so they do not need to rush Rosario to the majors. Young could also provide a useful late inning option off the bench for the manager if they are in need of a pinch runner or defensive replacement.

Is this idea a little bit of wishful thinking? Of course it is, but at this time of the season, is a little bit of wishful thinking necessarily a bad thing?

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