Who Will be the Emotional Leader of the 2013 Texas Rangers?

By Kyle McAreavy
Michael Young
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This off-season, the Texas Rangers traded Michael Young, who had been the leader of the club for the last eleven years. He was all in for the team, and was the emotional and physical leader of the Rangers clubhouse. But now with Young gone, who will lead this team through good times and bad this season?

This is something that’s sort of tough to predict since I am not in the clubhouse, and I don’t know for sure who would be willing to take over the role, but  it’s a pretty sure bet that it will be a veteran. Its just too hard for a young guy who has only been in the league a year or two to get the older guys to listen to him. So lets take a look at some of the veterans who could become the emotional leader for the Rangers in 2013.

Before this off-season I thought Nelson Cruz would have been a viable option once Young retired, but the Biogenesis clinic allegations that connect Cruz to performance-enhancing drugs make me believe that many players on or off the team may be skeptical of him. David Murphy seems like the kind of guy who would be a good emotional leader, but the question for him is whether or not his on-field performance demands enough respect. I don’t think so.

Ian Kinsler could be a good option. I don’t really have an argument against Kinsler, and his performance definitely demands respect, but he isn’t the guy I think would be perfect.

Adrian Beltre. That’s right, Beltre. He commands respect with his on field performance and also his overall toughness. The man took a ground ball to the groin in Seattle, and played seven more innings before getting checked. Beltre definitely demands the respect needed to be a leader, and he is there for the team.

Beltre is the best option to replace Young as the emotional leader of the Rangers for the quickly approaching 2013 season…as long as no one touches his head.

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