It's time for the St. Louis Cardinals to Scrap the Rafael Furcal Experiment

By Brandon Cox
Rafael Furcal St. Louis Cardinals
Jeff Curry-USA Today

The St. Louis Cardinals and manager Mike Matheny announced on Tuesday that they are not sure when shortstop, Rafael Furcal will see any playing action in Spring Training after still recovering from a torn ligament in his elbow.

Furcal has been a good shortstop for the Cardinals, but he is 35-years old, and a torn ligament in his elbow at his age is signs of a career coming to a close. The Cardinals have options to replace Furcal with including Pete Kozma, who seems to be the front runner, but they also have utility man, Daniel Descalso, and recently acquired Ronnie Cedeno.

The middle infield seems to be the most prime area of concern for the Cardinals, but it is a concern that they are focused on, by experimenting with Matt Carpenter at second base, utilizing Kozma, and by picking up Cedeno.

The Cardinals do have a stock of young talent both at the MLB level, and in the minors with upcoming star Kolten Wong, who isn’t far off from being called up to the bigs. Now is the time the Cardinals look to those guys and see what they have, rather on hoping a full Furcal recovery. All players, both past, and present have had to go through the steps of being called up, relied upon, and proving what they have, and this is what the Cardinals need to do with their young talent now, and let them show us what they’re made of.

Furcal has impressed teams, players, and fans for many of years, but just like any other veteran in this game, there has to come a time where you say “thank you for your time, but now we must move forward, and give someone else a chance”.

Now is that time for both Furcal, and the Cardinals. Furcal will more than likely be picked up by another team, and maybe he does have a couple of good seasons still left in him, but this is a risk the Cardinals must take. The guys in waiting are just itching for the chance to prove themselves, and hopefully soon, they will get their chance.

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