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Matt Cain Deservingly Gets Opening Day Start for San Francisco Giants

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If you looked up consistency in a dictionary around the San Francisco Bay area, there would probably be a picture of Matt Cain. The contract extension he got some time ago was well deserved as is everything the mild mannered ace receives. It is not humanly possible to pitch much better than this guy has pitched. Last season he was very instrumental in the San Francisco Giants‘ success. There is no reason not to start this season with him.

There are other good starters on this Giants team that have gotten the opening day nod in past seasons. Cain more than deserved it this year and frankly probably did in the past as well when others received the honor. He simply goes out every fifth day and allows an average of just over two runs per game while pitching tons of innings and remaining ever consistent. If there is a better pitcher in the majors, there aren’t many.

Speaking of his opening day bid, Cain will face one of the only pitchers in baseball that might just be as good as or even better than he is. Clayton Kershaw will be his opposition for the Los Angeles Dodgers in that special opening day contest. That will be a match-up worth watching for certain. For the Giants to win against Kershaw the way he has pitched in recent years, they had better throw Cain. It might be the only chance they have.

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