Minnesota Twins Do a Good Deed Giving Kevin Correia the Spring Opener

By David Miller
kevin correia twins
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There is much competition in Major League Baseball right now over which pitcher for each team will get the opening day start for the season. Many teams knew the answer before they got to Spring Training. Others still have no definitive answer and the first hint we get is who they chose to start the Spring Season’s first game. The Minnesota Twins gave the nod to Kevin Correia but they didn’t do it for a reason that has anything to do with opening day. Their reason was much better.

Correia got a new deal worth some $10 Million this off-season. He has a new start with a promising Twins team and I’m sure is looking forward to any impact he can have. This decision by the Twins to give him the start of the Spring opening game had nothing to do with contracts however. It also had nothing to do with his wins total from a year ago or his ERA. This was all for one very special reason. They want him to get a specific number of spring starts before the biggest new arrival in his life gets here.

Correia, after a few starts this spring, is going with his wife to enjoy the birth of their child. The Twins gave him this start so he could get the right amount of work in before going so that he wouldn’t miss a beat for his team. More importantly it insures that he won’t miss a minute of those first few precious moments of the life of his child. That is the best reason I have ever heard for giving a start to someone. Classy move by the Twins organization; honestly I’m not surprised at all.

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