MLB Players Association Head visits New York Mets' Spring Training

By Colin Greten
Andrew B. Fielding:USATODAY Sports

Michael Weiner, the head of the MLB players’ union, visited the New York Mets today at their spring training facilities in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Weiner makes this same visit to all 30 teams in the league during spring training, to talk to each team about a variety of topics.

Weiner spoke with the Mets before their morning workout today, and then spoke with the media afterwards. Weiner was positive in his approach, saying that he thinks of the Mets a flagship team in the league. He also discussed his trust in owner Fred Wilpon and general manager Sandy Alderson in building a competitive team in Queens within the next few seasons. However, Weiner also mentioned that the Mets would likely have to add payroll in order to be competitive, which they have done sparingly under Alderson.

Weiner went onto speak about the issue with the Mets’ pursuit of former free agent outfielder, Michael Bourn. The league offices told the team that they would have to give up their 11th overall pick in the upcoming draft if they signed Bourn. Weiner claimed that the Mets would have had a chance to hold on to that draft spot, as it was originally a protected top ten pick. Although the Mets lost out to the Cleveland Indians in signing Bourn, pursuing him would have been much easier if they did not have to worry about their pick.

The Mets’ visit from the head of the player’s union went as smoothly as expected. Weiner thinks the Mets can be a competitive team soon, and the organization and fans hope he is not just saying that.



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