Chicago Cubs: Another Cold Start at Wrigley?

By Reid Lester
Chicago Cubs:  Another Cold Start at Wrigley?
Jerry Lal – USA TODAY Sports

Will cold temperatures in April cause another cold start to the Chicago Cubs season?  The team will be coming off two months of mid 70’s at HoHoKam Park in Mesa, AZ.  They will be used to short sleeves, sunburns, and sunshine.  The pitchers should be loose, the ball will be jumping off the bat, and the position players will be warmed up and ready for a hot start to the season, and then… Welcome to Wrigley Field.

Average temperatures at Wrigley for the month of April are at best, in the upper 50’s.  It will be difficult for pitchers to warm up.  The extra pitches thrown in the bullpen to get loose will probably affect how long starting pitchers will last in the game.  Look for a lot of early action from relievers.  Batters will feel the sting of every hit wringing in the hands.  Players will huddle in the dugout to try and stay warm.  The Cubs will have left the warm sunshine of Arizona for the cold, rainy and possibly snowy “Friendly Confines.”

So what can we expect from the Cubs during April?  The Cubs have 28 games in April.  To have any chance of competing, we will need to get off to a great start.  I think we need to win at least 15 of those April games.  Solid pitching will be what we hang our hat on while we wait for the ivy to grow and Wrigley to warm up.  Warmer temperatures and some sunshine will allow hitters to start depositing homeruns on to Waveland and Sheffield.  And then, the only cold the fans will be thinking about is their beer.

Reid Lester

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