Joe Gardner Good Fit for Colorado Rockies in Spite of Odd Delivery

By David Miller
walt weiss rockies
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Think of the pitcher with the strangest pitching wind-up you know. Hideo Nomo? That was a good one for sure. There are tons of them from all teams and all walks of life. Do you like watching them? I for one think it’s a bit distracting and irritating. Honestly, I can’t imagine that it isn’t somewhat distracting for the players behind the pitcher sometimes as well. Still, an effective pitcher is an effective pitcher whether I like the way he delivers the ball or not. Such is the case with Joe Gardner.

Gardner is in the Colorado Rockies Spring Training camp and plans to make enough noise that he cannot be ignored or just tossed to the side as just another pitcher. He wants to make the team. In fact, he wants to make the team badly enough that while he has usually been a starter, he is willing to become a reliever for the sake of making the team and having an impact on the big league scene. That’s what you like to see in a borderline young arm.

The fact that he is willing to do most anything to help his club and the fact that he gets outs pretty consistently will mean more to manager Walt Weiss than his strange wind-up any day. At the end of the day it isn’t how the pitch is delivered that matters. Only the result matters. For Gardner, he should have plenty of results good enough to make this team. I think they will be much better for having him around the team. Everyone needs a gamer.

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