Looking back at the San Francisco Giants offseason

By Kyle McAreavy
Angel Pagan
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in the past three years the San Francisco Giants entered the offseason as the defending world champions. Unlike last time though the Giants didn’t really lose or gain anything from the world series winning team. Spring training games started this morning which means it’s time to look over the Giants offseason.

After the 2010 season the Giants lost many important postseason players like Cody Ross, Edgar Renteria and Juan Uribe. This offseason there was only one big loss and he didn’t even play that much.

Obviously I am speaking of Melky Cabrera but as I assume you know, he didn’t play at the end of the season due to his performance enhancing drug suspension. Because of moves made during last season such as bringing in Hunter Pence I don’t believe losing Cabrera is that big of an issue.

My main question about the Giants offseason is, why didn’t they bring in anything? Looking around the team they are average or a little above average at every position other than catcher. They could have improved at every position (except catcher) but they decided to bring back the same team.

They did lose a few bullpen arms but relief pitchers are inconsistent. The main parts of the bullpen are back and that is Jeremy Affeldt, Javier Lopez and Sergio Romo. I believe those three will have seasons as good or better than they did last year and with that the Giants don’t need much else in the pen.

Other than re-signing Angel Pagan the Giants didn’t make any big moves, but this group of players did prove that they can win last year.

With all the moves that the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks have made this offseason it will be difficult for a Giants team with only one truly great position player to compete. But I do believe this team can and will repeat as National League west champions. How far they will go in the playoffs I have no idea.

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