New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Gives Lady Gaga Something He's Never Given Yankees Fans: Comfort

By Ben Grimaldi
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing you can say about New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, it’s that he’s never shied away from the spotlight. A-Rod, who is recovering from hip surgery, recentlly reassured pop star Lady Gaga about her upcoming hip surgery.

According to the New York Post, the two were seen talking at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery. “Alex was at Dr. Kelly’s office for a follow-up, while Gaga was preparing for surgery,” said a source close to the singer. “It’s natural for anyone to be nervous ahead of this type of surgery, especially as a performer or athlete under tremendous pressure to make a quick recovery and be back at peak performance…Gaga was anxious, but Alex talked to her for a while and was able to reassure her.”

If only Rodriguez was able to soothe Yankees fans with that type of attitude, I’m sure he wouldn’t be hated as much as he is now. Perhaps if he cared as much about baseball and his teammates, and not as much about hitting on women in the stands, he would endear himself to more fans.

It’s nice to see that Rodriguez cares about others when it’s been pretty obvious throughout his career that he’s been all about himself. This is not the type of selfless act that A-Rod in known for, but it is refreshing to see. Not many people can imagine what Lady Gaga and A-Rod are going through, especially since they perform at the highest level of their professions, so it’s nice to see they have each other to lean on.

Perhaps Rodriguez has turned over a new leaf, or maybe he just wants a ‘Bad Romance’ with a pop star, but either way, A-Rod always seems to find a way to stay in the headlines.

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