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MLB Chicago White Sox

Robin Ventura’s Lineup for the First Spring Training Game Is Quite Ominous

Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports

I want to really like Robin Ventura. I want to like Ventura because my hatred for Ozzie Guillen was so strong that I didn’t think there could be a worse manager in the game of baseball. I want to like Ventura because he really seems like a fun, awesome guy to be around. I want to like Ventura because he was one of my favorite players growing up as a kid.

However, it’s really, really hard to like the guy if he continues to bat Brent Morel second in the Chicago White Sox lineup.

The White Sox released the lineup for the first Spring Training game against the Los Angeles Dodgers today, causing me to have nightmares about the upcoming season already. Yes, I know it’s only Spring Training, but that lineup looks very much like the one that will be seen on Opening Day. I just cannot understand the thought process of batting Morel second under any circumstance.

It has been understood that the White Sox will start Jeff Keppinger at third base, although I would like to see him be used as an everyday super-utility man to ignite some competition between Morel and Gordon Beckham.

Speaking of Beckham, why not bat him second?

Sure, Beckham kind of stunk last season, but he hit the ball well when he hit second. Unfortunately, the White Sox don’t have a lot of options to bat second if Keppinger isn’t in there, so all my frustration and panic is rather pointless. But, the two-spot should never have Morel’s name listed.

Robin, please do not bat Morel second anymore. I thought bunting with Kevin Youkilis was painful enough.