What is Detroit Tigers Missing Link Needed to Win World Series?

By David Miller
jim leyland tigers
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers keep getting to the World Series. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they didn’t win. Apparently they have lost eight straight games over the past two World Series losses. What is the missing link? What is the problem? Doesn’t a juggernaut team like this well put together Tiger team with a legendary manager and great fundamentals have what it takes to win the big series? Of course they do!

What does the loss of this past series tell us? It’s really not like a puzzle to work out. It means that it’s hard to get to the World Series and even harder to win the thing. Guess what? That other team is tough as nails too. Also, when you get into a series with someone that is also a great team, anything can happen. Four close losses during the season mean a small speech might be in order. Lose those games in the World Series and oh boy something must be wrong.

Nah! Nothing’s wrong with a team that will probably threaten the World Series yet again this season. How many teams would love to be able to say they played eight World Series games? I know once you get there more than once you feel entitled to win it, but you’re not. It doesn’t mean they need a huge trade or that the manager suddenly loses his ability to get his club up for the big game. It just means it is difficult to win the World Series! Didn’t we all already know that? I’ll take the Tigers World Series losing seasons over my favorite team’s last several any day.

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