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Why is Mike Scioscia Holding Los Angeles Angels Starters until March?

Mike Scioscia

Tim Heitman-US Presswire

This spring is a little different for every team around Major League Baseball. The Spring Training time frame has been stretched out by a couple of weeks because of the looming impact of the World Baseball Classic on the teams’ preparation for the season. Most are taking this in stride and simply moving their preparation along the same schedule. The main difference really will be a few more weeks and a few more off days. No big deal. For Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia, however, it’s a bigger deal.

He isn’t happy at all with the way the spring is starting out. Oh, he loves his line-up and the team looks outstanding on paper. That’s not what troubles him. Apparently everything else about the start of the Spring League is just wrong for Scioscia’s tastes. He has chosen therefore to hold his starting pitchers off of the field until March. Where most teams are starting their starters already for a couple of innings each, the Angels starters are getting regular workouts and nothing in the game itself.

Why? Beats the heck out of me. Honestly, I can’t imagine why he would do this while everyone else isn’t. I suppose if he has a few relievers that are going out of town for the WBC, it would make sense to allow them more time earlier on than the starters that aren’t taking part. Still, what is the harm in a few more weeks of work? The main effect it is having immediately is that the Angels got tapped for split squad duties for the opening game. Scioscia isn’t happy at all because he doesn’t have enough players to scramble around and make the games since he isn’t using his pitchers.

Well, tough luck I guess. Hey, maybe every other team will have tons of injuries in their rotation and the Angels will be healthy in arms all year long. Maybe Scioscia knows something I don’t regarding this situation. I doubt, however, that he knows something every other major league manager doesn’t. Whatever the case, I wish his starters luck as they delay the start to their preseason. May it pay huge dividends throughout the season.

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