Curtis Granderson Injury Is Another Nail in the 2013 New York Yankees' Coffin

By Bryan Lutz
Derek Hingle – USA TODAY Sports

One of the main goals for any team heading into Spring Training is to come out of it with no key injuries. However, the New York Yankees have already received some horrific injury news. Their all-star centefielder, Curtis Granderson, will be out 8-10 weeks with a broken forearm. The injury occurred from a JA Happ pitch in the today’s game against the Toronto Blue JaysThe Yankees were already a pretty big question mark coming into the season, figuring that all their veterans are aging and coming off injury, so this is a injury that is going to really hurt them.

Outside of Robinson Cano, the Yankees have absolutely no sure-things when it comes to production. For that reason alone, I have been considering not picking the Yankees to play October baseball, and this injury pretty much seals the deal that I won’t. That lineup may have some nice names to it, but everyone – outside of Derek Jeter apparently – is in the twilight of their career.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees are in the middle of the park offensively this season, especially if there are lagging effects from Granderson’s broken forearm. If they have any chance to make the playoffs in 2013, they will need to do it with their pitching staff. But even that pitching staff has some pretty big question marks going forward.

Instead of the classic NY logo on their hats and uniforms, the Yankees should just replace it with a “?”. They could lose as many games as 90 and win as much as 93, and neither number would surprise me one bit. This is why I am going to the meaty part of the curve and say they will win 85 games in 2013, unless they superkick Father Time in the face for one more year.

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