Eight Ways to Know if You're a True Orioles Fan

By Corey Righter
Batimore Orioles
Joy R. Absalon – USA TODAY Sports

With the pop of the ball in the mitt and the crack of the bats Spring Training is upon us. The follow up to the 2012 season is going to difficult to top for the Baltimore Orioles. For Orioles fans there hasn’t been much to cheer for up until last season. Even with injury, the team kept plugging away and making their mark in the AL East, arguably the leagues toughest division.

As the sequel season creeps closer and closer the long time Orioles fans are probably going to have some unwanted company, bandwagons. It’s the worst kind of fan when it comes to sports. When a team finds long sought after success, fans come of the “woodwork” and act as if they were there all along.

Here are some ways to know if you or this new found Orioles “fan” are the real deal.  If anyone reading this has some of their own fanatical ideas on how to tell the true Orioles fans from the posers, please comment below. The reason for eight and not 10 ways, is obviously a homage to the legend of Cal Ripken Jr. who wore the number eight.

1. You yell “Oh!” during the Star Spangled Banner at every sporting event possible.

2. National Bohemian is no longer a terrible tasting beer.

3. The year 1997 means more than just another year to you.

4. Jeffrey Maier is public enemy number one.

5. When you think of “Iron Man,” it doesn’t mean Robert Downey Jr. in a metal suit. You think Cal Ripken Jr. and his record of 2,632 consecutive games played.

6.  The name Boog makes you crave barbeque immediately.

7. Halloween isn’t the only day you find a way to wear something black and orange.

8. A winning season is a cherished season

Hopefully this will help you test the newcomers and maybe teach them a thing or two on what it means to be a true Orioles fan.


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