Is Alex Rodriguez The Most Hated Man In Sports?

By Clayton Richer

I am confident sports fans would be hard pressed to identify another athlete that is hated globally and is such a manner as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

It appears the level of hatred is not only restricted to fans case in point the 2012 survey by Sports Illustrated that polled 318 major league baseball players asking the burning question “Who the phoniest player in baseball was?”

And your resounding answer is…….drum roll please…….with 26.2 percent Alex Rodriguez. The next closet player to Rodriguez finishing a distant second was former teammate Nick Swisher ringing the jerk bell at 13.9 percent.

The former first overall draft pick is undoubtedly one of the best power hitters of his time albeit he was juicing and cranked on Scooby snacks the entire time.

Rodriguez has been scrutinized in the media for truckload of offences ranging from the above mentioned steroids, infidelity, gambling and all out pompous human being. But yet he is undeterred.

My personal vendetta towards A-Rod reached its peak in 2007 when he pulled that bush league move on the Toronto Blue Jays Howie Clark while he was camped under a fly ball. A-Rod yelled at Clark as he rounded third base causing Clark to back off the ball and it fell for a single.

A-Rod keeps trucking on as if the criticism doesn’t faze him as he is poised to return from his injury and continue his baseball career as an overpaid, unwanted member of the Bronx Bombers.

So in an era filled with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o where does Alex Rodriguez rank amongst the most evil villains in sports, and do fans in New York have a soft spot in their heart for him or has that ship sailed long ago?

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