Pittsburgh Pirates Owner Bob Nutting Has Unrealistic Expectations

By Darren Pare
Douglas Jones-US Presswire

The Pittsburgh Pirates are down in Bradenton for spring training, and owner Bob Nutting may have stayed out in the sun too long. Earlier this week, he stated the Pirates could be World Series contenders.

Spring is known to bring renewed life to flowers and baseball teams, but Nutting’s hopes are like planting a begonia seed and expecting a rose to grow.

The Pirates added some talent this off-season, mainly in catcher Russell Martin, but it is doubtful they can hang with the likes of the Washington Nationals, Atlanta BravesSan Francisco Giant  and Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL.

A quick look at the numbers since 1992 show the Pirates have a huge uphill battle to make the series. Only 8 of 40 teams that have made the World Series have had a losing record the previous season. The last team to win the World Series after having 20 consecutive losing seasons?

Well that team doesn’t exist, except for in the mind of Nutting or some Hollywood writer.

Pirates fans should have smaller goals in mind. How about just a winning season to end the longest run of futility the game has ever known? Maybe the team can sneak into the playoffs in one of the two wild card spots. As much fun as it may be to dream of yellow and black streamers raining down on the streets of Pittsburgh in an October parade, it is much more likely to happen next February for the Steelers.

Set smaller goals, Pirates fans, so you won’t be disappointed come October, because it actually might be a decent season.

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