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There's a Good Reason Amber Marie Seyer is the Cover


The 2013 MLB season has entered the competitive stage with games having begun, evaluations being made, and the inevitable reality of cuts needing to trim the roster. Such is the same in all of our lives, whether we realize it or not. This article is no different as you view the Hottest Wives and Girlfriends From Every MLB Team.

All over the internet, there are lists upon lists of the hottest WAGs in every sport. These woman grace their man's side with a glowing splendor, while the players themselves enjoy every minute of it. Most of the WAGs are everyday women that just happen to be the best of the best, while others make it into cheerleading, modeling, or even Playboy. Not every one sticks around and makes it to wife status, but for the time it lasts, both parties indelibly get what they want.

The reason for the absolute hottie on this cover that you will not see joining the following 30? That's Amber Marie Seyer, wife of San Francisco Giants pitcher, Barry Zito. She couldn't make the cut on her husband's team. Wow! So you can imagine the trouble I ventured into while choosing 30 WAGs, one from each MLB team to top these pages. Then to have to put them in order of thirtieth to first. Whew! Daunting task indeed!

But here they are, folks. I know my tastes may be different from yours, but hopefully we all can agree that each of these fine WAGs belong representing their boyfriend's or husband's squad. If I missed anyone, or you have a better choice, please let me know in the comments section below, and I will be sure to consider them in the future. Oh, yeah, there is one team that has the most hot WAGs of any MLB team. You might be surprised which team it is. Enjoy!

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#30 Allison Jaskowiak

Daily News

It looks like USC doesn't just provide us with quality players on the field or court. It also shells out romance as Allison Jaskowiak married Arizona Diamondbacks P Ian Kennedy. Jaskowiak was a G/F for the Trojans and also one of the WBCA's Top 100 Senior Basketball Players. All this and pretty hot, too as she gets the D-Backs nod.

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#29 Ashley Monroe


John Danks is a starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. He is also on his way to be married to Pistol Annies singer Ashley Monroe. Pretty good life as Monroe garners the nod for the Sox.

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#28 Neisha Croyle


Toronto Blue Jays P Ricky Romero went from dating Miss USA Rima Fakih to having a family with partner Neisha Croyle. Neisha is a beauty in her own right, and Romero should be happy with his good fate.

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#27 Stefanie Bernett


The Atlanta Braves have an impressive outfield of the Upton brothers, as well as Jason Heyward. They also have some pretty WAGs, but none better than Stefanie Bernett who is with B.J. Upton. Not sure if it will last, but not sure if we care, either.

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#26 Aubree Gerardi


The Houston Astros are a relatively young team that just moved to the dark side of the American League where they happen to play with a DH. They also play with some hot WAGs, and Aubree Gerardi, girlfriend of Astros P Bud Norris leads the pack getting the call at No. 26.

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#25 Leslee Holliday


Matt Holliday, the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder has caught many things in his life as a ballplayer. I'm betting that Leslee Holliday has probably been his best after more than a decade of being married.

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#24 Erica May


Erica May was a pitcher on the Missouri softball team, and she has been with Detroit Tigers P Max Scherzer for more than eight years. Mad Max better get his head straight and pop the question, or he might lose a pretty hot WAG, whom he met while at Mizzou.

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#23 Sharyn Meichtry

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The Seattle Mariners come in on this list at No. 23 with Sharyn Meichtry, wife of SS Brendan Ryan. That's pretty much all there is to know, folks. Google her, you will see.

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#22 Judy Erwin


The Miami Marlins have a fire sale every so often when they get an itch for a championship, fail to win one, and need to lick their wounds. It is a good thing that they haven't rid themselves of 1B Gaby Sanchez, as he is married to a hot WAG, Judy Erwin.

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#21 Karen Burnett


A.J. Burnett couldn't make it in New York, but one place he is very secure is in Pittsburgh. Good thing, because his wife Karen makes this list as the hottest Pirate WAG.

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#20 Susannah Moreland


Props to Texas Rangers 1B Mitch Moreland for making a long distance relationship and a longer absence turn into a lifetime (hopefully) with wife Susannah Moreland. No. 20 was a Miss Alabama contestant somewhere along her way, and that must have been one heck of a competition for her not to win.

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#19 Krista Martin


Krista Martin is the wife of Minnesota Twins 1B Justin Morneau while being very active in the Twins Wives charity organization. Good thing she is in the spotlight so we get to see more of her.

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#18 Adair Sturdivant


Adair Sturdivant continues this list at No. 18. This wife of Boston Red Sox P Daniel Bard is a former cheerleader for Furman University and is used to being around the jocks.

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#17 Sarah Mosher


The "other" beard in MLB, 2B Danny Espinosa of the Washington Nationals evidently has a knack for acquiring hotties, and his girlfriend Sarah Mosher is living proof. For some reason, this Nationals mojo is really kicking lately, huh?

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#16 Jaime Kotsay


I don't know if you are actually reading this, or just staring, but it is safe to say that San Diego Padres outfielder Mark Kotsay is lucky to have such a hot wife and I am sure he would appreciate if you stopped staring as he is getting ready for another year for the Padres and he brings his wife and family to the games and we would be extremely fortunate to sit next to her...sorry, folks, just started rambling.

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#15 Molly Beers


David Wright just signed a huge contract with the New York Mets. Safe to say that he needed that to buy the rock to give to his fiancee, Molly Beers, who usually graces every single list I've seen. Amazin' that she only sits at No. 15 on this list. You will see why over the rest of the slides.

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#14 Kimberly DeJesus


Kimberly DeJesus is a hot WAG that made her presence known when her husband David became an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs. She tweeted herself silly about the move, which made us realize her even more. Thank you, social media!

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#13 Amanda McCarthy


Now we really get to the meat and potatoes of the hottest of the most brilliantly fashioned WAGs From Every MLB Team. Welcome No. 13 Amanda McCarthy, wife of Oakland A's P Brandon McCarthy. She is a social media geek, and oh yeah, did I also mention that she used to be a swimsuit model? It shows, doesn't it?

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#12 Lisalla Montenegro


I don't know just what it is about pitchers in MLB, but they seem to always get the cream of the crop. Such is the case for Los Angeles Angels P C.J. Wilson, who, when he does things, does them big. Such is the case of girlfriend Lisalla Montenegro, who, in case I have not mentioned, is a Brazilian model. Incredible!

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#11 Emily Greinke


L.A. is a perfect place for Emily Greinke to spend her time sunning and walking the beaches. With husband Zack a member of the Dodgers pitching staff, Emily finds herself representing, and would usually head most hot WAGs lists, but the stark realization is that there are some women who are hotter. Did I just actually say that? I have to get my head checked.

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#10 Dallas Latos


We have finally made the top 10 of this list of the Hottest WAGs From Every MLB Team. Does it really make a difference who is tenth or first? Dallas Latos is the wife of Cincinnati Reds P Mat Latos and loves tattoos, snakes and getting wild. From our viewpoint, we are just happy that she chose a husband that is in the spotlight so we can see as much of her as possible.

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#9 Joanna Garcia


There is something about the look, or the way she has that innocent glow, but the home-girl facade makes Joanna Garcia hotter than most conventional beauties. She is the wife of Cleveland Indians OF Nick Swisher, and something tells me he is doing just fine for himself with this hot WAG by his side.

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#8 Larisa Fraser


Model Larisa Fraser and Milwaukee Brewers OF Ryan Braun are engaged which makes men of the world cringe at the sight of this beauty off the market. Maybe there WAS a reason for the PED's.

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#7 Alejandro Tejada


The Kansas City Royals have invited SS Miguel Tejada to compete for a job this spring. While every one of these MLB players before and after are actually on a roster, the Royals have nobody that can compete with this hot WAG: Alejandra Tejada. Here's hoping Miguel can win a spot this year so we get to see more of the lovely Alejandra.

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#6 Minka Kelly


Okay, we get the fact that EVERY girlfriend that New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter dates will most likely be a bombshell. Most lists would have the stunning Minka Kelly at one or two. I just couldn't do it. The captain is very lucky, but we are even luckier to have found Minka, and we're still able to go even further in our quest for the hottest WAG. Unless somebody proves otherwise that they are not an item, and because A-Rod is on the injured list, the nod comes here.

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#5 Brooke Sorenson


Brooke Sorenson is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that found her way to the heart of OF Laynce Nix of the Philadelphia Phillies. It is no doubt that she is incredibly hot, and this is the team that is fortunate to have THE hottest WAGs on the planet assembled in one clubhouse. Yes, the Phillies. Don't believe me? Do some research yourself, and you will not find hotter WAGs than what the Philthies can offer. It's a shame I was only able to pick one.

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#4 Jaime Edmondson


I hated to actually put numbers on the top of these last few slides. It's not fair to have to pick any one of these beauties as the hottest. So I put the names in a hat and how the numbers landed, I chalked up to fate. Number four is none other than Jaime Edmondson, Playboy Playmate and extremely hot WAG of Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria. It's just not fair!

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#3 Diana Roberts


Swimsuit model, Miss FHM and pharmaceutical rep? Not a bad resume for Diana Roberts, who is the wife of Baltimore Orioles 2B Brian Roberts. The Orioles might not be able to compete with the Yankees on the field, but Jeter and A-Rod will break a sweat trying to keep up with Roberts.

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#2 Lauren Anderson


Reid Brignac? Bueller? Anyone, anyone? That's right. Brignac is a SS for the Colorado Rockies, and that mile high air must have something in it. Brignac is proud to be linked with a Playboy model: Lauren Anderson. Surely you must be joking if you do not think she is one of the hottest WAGs of all time.

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#1 Shannon James


And now I unveil the number one Hottest WAG, and that distinction goes to none other than Shannon James, another Playboy model on this list that is fabulously beautiful and has been linked with San Francisco Giants OF Hunter Pence since 2011. I could have gone with Barry Zito's wife, Amber Marie here to play it safe. But what is life but living on the edge. And James is much hotter than Amber!

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