Cincinnati Reds To Use Dynamic Pricing For All Single-Game Ticket Sales In 2013

By Michael Terrill
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds will use dynamic pricing software created by Qcue for all single-game ticket sales during the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

Several Major League teams are making the jump to dynamic pricing to help generate more income. It is a way for fans who buy tickets early to essentially save money while people who decide right around game time will not be able to attend the contest for a cheaper price. The Reds will use Dynamic pricing to take into account Cincinnati’s record, their opponent, if the weather will affect the game and how many tickets are still available to be purchased.

“In most cases, fans who buy early will receive the best pricing since ticket prices will generally increase as the game gets closer,” said Reds Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini. “Season tickets are the ultimate buy-early-and-save opportunity and our season ticket holders will always enjoy the deepest savings available.”

Many fans across the sport have already noticed that interleague play tickets can double in price while the same goes for a rivalry game. Dynamic pricing is similar in that it decides when it is appropriate for the organization to charge more money. For instance, if Joey Votto is on the verge of breaking a franchise record or a star player such as Zack Greinke will be pitching then the team feels they can get away with charging more money and the fans will still pay without asking too many questions.

“The goal is not to price the fan out of the ballpark,” Castellini said. “You’ll never see me take a $25 ticket and make it $50.”

I am personally not a fan of this because it can drive a lot of fans away from the ballpark even when they desperately want to see their team in action. I refuse to attend my favorite team’s games when they are playing a rival team because of the cost, even though I would love nothing more than to see those two ball clubs go head-to-head.

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