Los Angeles Angels DH Mark Trumbo is Accustomed to Uncertainty

By David Miller
Mark Trumbo
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Angels slugger Mark Trumbo arrived in spring training knowing that he was going to have to make a move this spring. He is moving to the DH position because of all of the talent the Angels have signed.

To Trumbo, this is just par for the course of Spring Training.

Two seasons ago, he wasn’t sure he would even make the team. Then, when he came to camp in 2012, he spotted the huge Albert Pujols, and his first base days were over. He moved to third base and worked hard in every way to get better at that spot. Now in 2013, he simply has to figure out a way to transition himself from an everyday on-field player to a designated hitter who has to find a way to stay loose before every at-bat. Can he do it?

He probably can, if for no other reason than because of how he goes about doing his job.

Trumbo already has a plan that he is going to put into use to figure out how to have a good sweat working when he steps to the plate. The Angels roster is pretty stacked this season, and that is no secret. The success or failure of Trumbo as its DH could well carry this team for stretches at a time. He is very important to the team, and they should all hope he does well if they want to maximize their potential.

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