What are Chicago Cubs' Chances of Trading the Injured Matt Garza?

By Stephanie Lynn
Charles LeClaire- USA TODAY Sports

Any hopes the Chicago Cubs may have had about trading Matt Garza were put on hold last week when the starting pitcher strained his side last week during a throwing session.

Wait, wasn’t Garza hurt for most of 2012?

Yes, and he is hurt yet again. The 29-year-old missed the second half of last season due to an elbow strain, but was convinced that he was ready to go at the start of Spring Training after an offseason of rest.

Apparently not, since he is scheduled to be sidelined for a week due to this strain.

But the Cubs have confidence is Garza, who held a 3.91 ERA last season until his elbow injury ended his season early last year. Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told USA Today that the team plans to rest Garza for about a week to insure that his injury is completely healed before he resumes pitching.

“We felt like it was really good news, it’s just a mild strain,” Hoyer said of Garza’s injury. Hoyer also added, “I believe [Garza] when he said he came in in his best shape. He looks like it.”

This should give Cubs fans hope that whether the team decides to keep Garza or trade him, the Cubs should benefit from him.

Garza was a big name right before the 2012 trade deadline and assuming he can stay healthy, there is reason to believe that his name will be thrown out there again this year.

While Garza has greatly helped the Cubs when he was healthy enough to pitch, he has been hurt too much lately which leaves the team little reason to keep him around. Wouldn’t it be better to have a healthy and preferably younger pitcher that could provide some solid starts for a team that lost 101 games last season?

Of course it would. That’s exactly why Garza needs to stay healthy: not so he can throw some good games for the Cubs, but so the Cubs can trade him for someone better.

It’s tough to say whether the Cubs will keep him or not, but if they continue to lose as much as they did last year, it’s probably safe  to assume that they will attempt to trade Garza for another player that can help restore this team headed down the road for disaster.

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