Can Scott Sizemore Play Second Base for Oakland Athletics?

By David Miller
Scott Sizemore Athletics
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Scott Sizemore is probably a name you have heard if you’ve been around baseball for a few years, especially if you are a Detroit Tigers fan.

Chances are you might not quite know him though. Chances are none of us really know Sizemore yet. Ever since he first made the jump to the second base spot for the Tigers, things just haven’t clicked. He hopes to change that this season with another chance at the Oakland Athletics.

Last season, the Tigers traded Sizemore to the Athletics, who placed him at third base. He did the best he could there, but it is far from his natural position. That has been his best spot on the diamond his entire professional career. This season, with third base already wrapped up, Sizemore finds himself with a chance to win some time at his coveted second base position.

Sizemore isn’t the only one trying to get that job, however. There is also Jemile Weeks, who played there last season, but whose down year in 2012 cost him the job. Adam Rosales, Jed Lowrie, and a few others will be in the mix as well, now that it is up for grabs again.

Thus far in the few spring games that have been played, the leaders offensively are Weeks and Sizemore. Both Lowrie and Rosales can play multiple positions in a utility type of role. That means it might really be a fight for Sizemore to get a spot.

He isn’t wasting his chances. You have to give him that. If he doesn’t win the spot this year, it won’t be because he didn’t give it his all. If he happens to win playing time there, maybe we will all finally get to see just who Scott Sizemore really is.

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