Ceaseless April Schedule Will Challenge Dale Sveum, Chicago Cubs

By Joshua Huffman
Chicago Cubs Schedule
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

God may need to rest once every seven days. Fortunately for Chicago Cubs and all MLB fans, they don’t have to worry about such laziness from their superstar players. Their heroes will go two weeks without missing a game. They’re dedicated to entertain their fans almost every single day of the week.

Or maybe the schedule-makers have no idea what they’re doing.

Consider the Cubs. After an Opening Day game on Apr. 1 and an off-day on Apr. 2, the Cubs will play a stretch of 32 games in 33 days. From Apr. 3 through May 5, the Cubs’ only off-day comes on Apr. 15. Below is that schedule:

Apr. 3-4: at Pittsburgh Pirates
Apr. 5-7: at Atlanta Braves
Apr. 8-10: Milwaukee Brewers
Apr. 11-14: San Francisco Giants
Apr. 15 OFF
Apr. 16-18 Texas Rangers
Apr. 19-21: at Milwaukee Brewers
Apr. 22-24: at Cincinnati Reds
Apr. 25-28: at Miami Marlins
Apr. 29-2: San Diego Padres
May 3-5: Cincinnati Reds

That’s 32 games in 33 days. Not only that, but some of their trips are from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, Atlanta to Chicago, Cincinnati to Miami and Miami to Chicago. No travel days on any of them.

What makes this stretch even more bizarre? From May 6-20, the Cubs have four off-days. Those days include May 6 and May 9. I can’t decide if the schedule-makers are mocking this team or their own finished product.

The Cubs will jump right into this schedule. Other than spring training, players won’t have the chance to ease themselves into it. It’s imperative that players are well-conditioned for that stretch. Manager Dale Sveum must make certain that players are getting adequate rest. No more strained quads after rounding first base.

Cubs fans should enjoy this stretch. With the exception of Tax Day, they’ll get to watch their favorite team every single day.

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