Hector Santiago Not Taking Chicago White Sox Roster Spot for Granted

By David Miller
hector santiago white sox
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a Major League Baseball player? Anyone with any love of the game at all has dreamed of making a roster at one time or another. The guys who actually play the game professionally obviously love making a big league roster more than anyone. It’s more than a dream for them at that point. It’s a career and a livelihood.

So, you would figure that when Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura walked up to Hector Santiago and told him that he would be on the roster on opening day that Santiago would be jumping. Nope, he wasn’t. Not only was he not basically happy, but he disagreed. For those keeping score at home, the making of the roster is the manager’s job and it is his decision. If he says you have a spot, you’ve got one.

Santiago refuses to take that for granted, however. He says that anything can happen and he plans to play his spring out as if he has to win a spot. That is admirable and something that really shows character. He doesn’t think anything is owed to him or that he is entitled to anything. He wants to earn it. How cool is that?

From Ventura’s point of view, Santiago is someone who can be stretched out for long relief and can be placed into the rotation if John Danks’ shoulder needs more healing time. Basically, he is like the perfect utility pitcher for the White Sox. Ventura is right, the man has a spot. Still, it’s pretty great to see him still want to earn it. I figure that will go a long way towards how well his season goes as well.

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