Miami Marlins Owner Jeffery Loria Dishes Out The Hits, Denies Everything Said About Him

By Thom Tsang

Whether you happen to be a Miami Marlins fan or not, when universally-maligned owner/MLB franchise destroyer Jeffery Loria decides to speak, you probably want to sit down and listen.

How seriously you want to take the man’s word, though, is up to your own discretion.

Following up an open letter/unintentionally hilarious attempt at honesty in which the Marlins owner wrote, among other things, that salary dump the team negotiated with the Toronto Blue Jays “has been almost universally celebrated by baseball experts outside of Miami for its value”, the 72-year old Loria went on a veritable rant on Monday to reporters, in which he really laid out the hits.

I’m sure he was simply attempting to clear the air about some of the thing that have been said about him in recent months, but instead, Loria simply reduced all topics to a lengthier version of “nope.”

Did he receive any negative feedback from dismantling the Marlins and dealing all of its payroll? Nah. “I haven’t seen anything. I got a few silly phone calls. That was in November. It stopped.”

Okay…so what about the whole thing where he told Jose Reyes to buy a house several days before he was traded? Didn’t happen. “What you were told is inaccurate. I never told him to buy a house.”

Also, he didn’t tell Mark Buehrle that the righty wouldn’t be traded, and that he “love[s] winning” and “love[s] this ballclub”, and so on, and so forth.

Essentially, it was vintage Loria at his best (or worst, depending on how you look at it), pointing the finger at everyone but himself, defiant in spite of facts, even after conning the good people of Miami taxpayer money to build a new ballpark for the AAA team that he wanted to put there.

Yes, he denied all of that, too.

So, where does the team go from here? Loria made it clear that the team was not for sale, and that he’s been trying to win ever since he brought the team to Miami. Trading Miguel Cabrera was part of that plan. So was trading Hanley Ramirez, and Josh Johnson, and Carlos Delgado, and Reyes…you get the idea.

The team is in limbo right now, hoping that the collection of prospects that they’ve received over the last year will pan out to something resembling competitive baseball, but even if they don’t (as they’re not expected to), there’ll be plenty of good excuses for that, too.

Oh, and as for his “pissed off” star, Giancarlo Stanton? Loria “would love to see him be the centerpiece” of the Marlins, but that they’ll “cross that bridge at the appropriate moment” as far as an extension offer is concerned, because he “can’t make promises in this game”.

If there was ever an apt placement for an ORLY owl in a sports article, this might be it.

Good luck keeping Stanton, Marlins fans. Your team’s owner sounds like he’s all about “winning” – his words, not mine. Take that as seriously as you’d like.

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