Michael Bourn Seems Right at Home with Cleveland Indians

By David Miller
michael Bourn indians
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball is the most visible display of one of the world’s greatest games. There is nothing better than sitting down and watching a game with your son or daughter and explaining the cool intricacies about the sport. Some even go the extra mile and score the game–that is extra awesome. Players like Michael Bourn are great examples of what fun the game can be to watch.

One thing that you don’t want to explain, however, is why a great player can’t seem to sign a new contract because he or his agent want this much money for this many years. Enter the agent and business into MLB and it drops a few steps on the awesome ladder. Speaking of which, after waiting and holding out all winter long, Bourn and his agent Scott Boras finally signed a new contract with the Cleveland Indians.

What position does Boras play? I’m not sure, but his batting helmet has horns. Agents are everything that is wrong with baseball but this one time, not because of Boras but in spite of him, the player found the right team. The Indians needed more speed and a player of Bourn’s quality is certainly one who will add speed as well as stellar defense to the team.

Already this spring, Bourn is getting his legs moving even though he doesn’t have a hit. Speedsters don’t need hits to score runs, just walks. The way he can speed from first to third on a routine ground ball is something fun to watch with your family and friends or just by yourself. Frankly, Bourn is a great player who still seems to have plenty of greatness left.

As we watch he and the Indians enjoy each other for the next several years, let’s all just forget that there even is a such thing as Scott Boras.

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