Kansas City Royals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks preview

By Bandon Decker
Royals Spring Training
James Guillory – USA Today Sports

On Feb. 25, the Kansas City Royals will play host to the Arizona Diamondbacks at 2:05 p.m. Central Time in their first Spring Training game that is not against their partners at Surprise Stadium, the Texas Rangers. The Royals are planning to go with a second string lineup of starters and the main figures in the rotation are not going to get a run out until Tuesday. Two players who are making comebacks from injury, Noel Arguelles and JC Gutierrez, are scheduled to pitch behind Chris Dwyer, who will be making the start.

It will be good to get a slight change in opponent for the Royals. The opponent is not usually a vital variable in Spring Training and especially not in the early season games, but the Royals will be happy to try themselves out against some other player than they ones they have now seen a few times with the Rangers. It’s also a bit nice for the fans because the Royals will not play against Arizona this year (barring an unlikely encounter in the World Series), so there are a few interesting players who we will only get to see in the Spring.

The pitchers who are taking part the game for the Royals all realistically have very little to no chance of making the big-league roster, but there are 40-man roster spots to contend for and there is also the question of whether or not those who don’t make the big league team will find themselves at triple-A Omaha or double-A Northwest Arkansas come April.

It isn’t a major battle for the fans, but I am sure it will be for the players, so there is a lot to follow on Monday.

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